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Help using the cardreading oracle

Howto use the cardreading oracle at the Orakelsee: find help an tipps to the following topics:


The three cards oracle

The three cards oracle works automatically. It is available in English and in German, depending on your browser settings.

If you don't have a valid Login, you're asking in public and have to pay a small amount to get your answer. If you're having problems understanding the speech of the oracle, it can happen, a professional cardreader shortly helps. Try to follow the instructions to ask properly.

Free Oracle
With a valid Login and a filled profile, you receive the answers of the three cards oracle for free. Troubles in understanding can happen to be solved, if you were asking questions in a proper way. People using the paid sessions will get more help. Free doesn't mean free: say thanks and be polite: this increases your chances to get help.

Entering a three card question
Your question has to have a certain length. Try to describe the circumstances around the situation you're asking. Read the guide to receive a most significant answer. Think conciously about your question and the situation by drawing the three cards. Without a Login the orcale needs to know if you're female or male.

See the results
After payment or after saving a free question, you'll see the speech of the oracle immediately. Find the list of questions in sessions - own. Opening the question lets you comment the answer. Thus it is public, everybody can comment. Question and answers are visible in public after the Orakelsee changes their status to allowed.
Using the oracle without login means, the answer doesn't appear before payment.

Card reading sessions

The menu „Sessions“ can list your own or all public sessions and you can start a new session.

Session Help

You can list your own questions or all public viewable sessions. Scroll down for earlier questions. Touch a question to see its details.

Howto start a new card reading session
Click on the button „New“. A new sessions opens also on first click on the menu „Session“. In the textbox you can write the circumstances and your question. The more you write, the more you help a card reader to spare time. Your text requires a certain length. After you draw seven cards onto your topic. If you are not logged in, you have to mention your gender. The button „Save“ leads you into your session.

The card reading session
If you are allowed to see a session and the session has been confirmed, you can see all its details: the question, the drawn cards, the payment infos and the card picture. You can interact using the comment-function. A card reader joins the session as soon as it is payed. During the session, you communicate per text. Your car reader can let you draw more cards to have a deeper look.

Login and registration

You can always use the Orakelsee anonymously. A login gives you the ability to use the free card readings. Everything anonymous is visible to the public, as all free questions remain public.

On the login screen you find the button „Register“. Fill out the form. The identification token is your e-mail address, that will not be visible in public. Accept the conditions how the oracle works and send your registration. After sending, you receive an email. In that you can click the link to activate your login. This enables you to login with your e-mail and password.

Use your e-mail address and your password to login. After you can use the free card reading possibilies. In the list of sessions you can find all your own questions.

Forgot password
Enter your e-mail address you used for the registration. You’ll receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.

Howto ask correctly

It is important to ask properly, especially concerning the three cards reading. You draw cards onto a system. This system has to become known to the cards. Please take care oft he following points:

The three card reading oracle
  • The 3 cards oracle cannot reply with Yes or No
  • The answer is always concerning you, not somebody or something else.
  • Try to ask similar to the following examples:
    What can I do to …. ?
    How can I react in the following situation … ?
    What helps me with … ?
    How should I behave in … ?
  • Always ask only one question. The oracle cannot know, which question it should answer, if there are more than one.
  • Questions concerning health are not answered.
  • If you always ask the same thing in order to get better cards, you will be blocked.

Gerenal rules:
  • The more you describe the situation, your question is asking in, the better the answer will be.
  • Stay emotionally on the topic: if other feelings and thoughts around your topic get too much power, the system becomes dizzy for the cards.
  • The oracle cannot say much to durations and points in time.