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Data Processing and Privacy

This website stores data for various purposes. Strong encryption technologies are used. Here you can find the complete list:

Anonymous use
The use of the Orakelsee can be done anonymously (without login). Comments can be made on any visible question. To ensure that no mischief is carried on the part of a visitor, the fingerprint can be saved when a comment is saved. This is for the eventual deletion of a comment and contains no information about the true identity of the visitor. If an anonymous question is paid, there is a connection to the payment record.

Payment Data
Online payments have an influence on the status of an Oracle question. There is a relationship between the question and the payment entry. The payment details are stored encrypted.

Free Questions
With a login it is possible to consult the automatic oracle for free. The question is publicly visible with the pseudonym given in the profile. The login data is saved. In addition, encryption is used. A free question can be converted into a card reader session upon payment. It remains publicly visible.

Private Questions
The questions are linked to the login details. The questions and answers in the session are only accessible to the card readers and the respective user. All the user's questions can be listed in this way for the user and the cartographer.

Profile Data
The few profile data are stored in encrypted form. They serve as an aid to the oracle, whether someone male or female. In addition, the data for accepting the AGB are saved. This regulates the business contract between customer and Oracle Lake.

Website Protection
Cookies and fingerprints can be used to counter trolls and other spammers , This serves to protect customers in this sensitive area. There is no relation to the true identity of a visitor or user.

Analysis Data
This website uses Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. We use these tools to make our services better. The data are only used for this purpose, are not shared or sold to others.

Hosting Partners
As with any connection The server of our webhosting provider cyon in Basel, Switzerland, logs and stores certain technical data with a web server. These data include the IP address and operating system of your device, the data, the access time, the type of browser and the browser request, including the origin of the request (referrer). This is necessary for technical reasons to make our website available to you. cyon protects this data with technical and organizational measures against unauthorized access and does not pass it on to third parties. As far as we process personal data, we do so because of our interest in providing you the best possible user experience and ensuring the security and stability of our systems.