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General Conditions Orakelsee
1. General

For all services and offers on orakelsee.com as well as the additional offers of schamanenstube.com with all daughter-domains (hereinafter referred to as Orakelsee), our following usage guidelines apply exclusively in the respective gum Eligible version. Conflicting conditions are expressly contradicted.

2. Use of the Orakelsee

2.1. In principle, anyone who reaches the age of 18 can consult the oracle and avail themselves of the services of the Oracle Lake. Participation in the Oracle Lake, whether consulting the Oracle and / or other services, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.

2.2. In the case of the question to the oracle or the participation of other services from the offer of the Orakelsees, comes the contract, which contains these AGB. The Orakelsee reserves the right to refuse customers without stating reasons. In the event of false personal data or other dishonest information, any services provided by a customer will be canceled.

There is no entitlement to any written contributions in the various areas of the Orakelsee.

2.3. Paid services.
In addition to free services, the Orakelsee offers the possibility of providing paid services.
The contract for the execution of the paid services of the Orakelsee will be accepted by the Lake of Oracula on receipt of a request The service to be provided is payable.
Services will only be provided when payment has been received (prepayment).

2.3.a. Free services: (Service description)
The offered free services of the service offering of the Orakelsee do not entitle the customer to receive these services. Many of the services require timeouts for which there is no right to their execution. There is no claim to benefits or access to the services of the Orakelsee or a right to paid services. The provision of services can be terminated at any time without stating reasons.

2.3.b. Life coaching assistance: (Service description)
By the request to provide assistance in the form of life coaching through the Orakelsee, a bilateral binding contract is concluded. When the payment is received, Orakelsee informs the customer of the results obtained. These results in the form of oracle counseling or life coaching are - if provided in writing, publicly available. However, without specifying the personal details of the customer. Telephone counseling may not be documented in writing.

2.3.c. Registration for a telephone life coaching
Registration for a living arrangement via Internet telephony or regular telephone entitles the customer from the time of receipt of payment at the Orakelsee and at the agreed time, to the full extent of the service offered. Date shifts are reported early. If an appointment is not carried out by the customer, a fee will be charged. But we are usually very accommodating, v. A. at regular customers. Individual counseling can be expected for the life counseling, which is realized in the form of talks. However, the form of life coaching can vary. Technical delays may be accepted.

2.3.d. Assistance is deemed complete when the oracle has done all in its capacity to fulfill the aspects of assistance from the point of view of divination offered, or has spent the paid time relating to the problem posed. Similarly, a performance contract is considered to be completed, the customer logs no longer over a period of one month. Exceptions to this are times of any technical delays on the Orakelsee's side.

2.3.f. The fees for services specified in the Orakelsee or discussed bilaterally shall be payable immediately to the Orakelsee and shall only be payable upon commencement of the service upon arrival of the amount. Upon receipt of the service, the services begin as part of negotiated individual or group support. Answering the Oracle questions may take some time. It is not always ensured that the function of divination can be carried out. This can lead to long waiting times.
Payment for the services is possible upon placing of the order. If the receipt of payment at the Orakelsee does not take place immediately after placing the order, then s / mtl All services are stopped and the order is canceled. No matter in which state the assistance is located. As a rule, oracle questions that are not paid immediately disappear. The oracle lake is anxious to make unpaid questions visible, which are considered important from the eyes of the oracle lake. Visibility does not answer, but leaves open the option to pay the question.
The customer is obliged to always use the current personal data for the payment. In the event of invoicing or a customer contribution due to false personal data, insufficient account coverage or unauthorized withdrawal of the transfer, the service will be discontinued immediately if promptly canceled and paid payments without service provision are withheld .

2.3.g. A service provision is immediately abolished if an infringement occurs. These are in particular the copying of the texts of the Orakelsees on other Websites or the public making of media of the Orakelsees.

3. Orderly cancellation of the order

Each customer and the Orakelsee have the right to terminate the service relationship at any time without giving any reason and without a separate notice period. Paid and unpaid services will be reimbursed. All-inclusive transferring fees are excluded. The chargeable services must be provided in writing by the customer in order to prove beyond doubt that: the cancellation was really made by the respective customer. The customer has the opportunity to make extraordinary erred gratuities at any time except that it is not possible to reimburse amounts that have already been paid (even partially).

4th Unaccompanied Membership

The right to disagree for good cause remains reserved. An important reason for termination without notice is, in particular, if a customer violates legal regulations, morality, sustainable manners and / or contrary to the rules of use and behavior and instructions, or proves that he / she is Member has made false statements. A customer, in an allegedly or reckless manner, passes on or publishes access data to third parties, fails to make payments, or repeatedly causes reminders and blockages. By using a customer a significant compromise of the server security is caused by the deposit of page contents or e-mail dispatch or the like, or not payment of the following fees after expiry of 10 days after placing of the order.

5. Responsibilities

5.1. Each customer is responsible for his / her body and well being, as well as for his / her personal, mental and psychological safety and stability. The oracle lake does not force anyone to listen to oracle counseling and life counseling, let alone follow suit.

5.2. Local appointments: For his safety, his body and well-being, every customer is fully responsible for himself. There is no insurance coverage by the Orakelsee. The customer is expected to have a personal liability insurance and to bear this customer-caused burden in and around the premises.

5. Provided services

5.1. The information, contents, text and image materials made available by the Orakelsee depending on the service request are protected by copyright. The customer may privately use such materials and information provided to him for the duration of the service relationship. Any other use, including duplication (eg copying), submission and sub-contracting to third parties is not permitted. Likewise, the use of materials and information after the expiration of the service relationship is not permitted.

5.2. The Oracle Lake does not warrant either the accuracy of the information provided or its completeness. Oracle reviews and divinatory life coaching, including coaching, are not based on psychologically acceptable guidelines and should be considered as such without caution. Payment is made for the time spent, not for the statements.

5.3. The contents of the Orakelsee are made available within the scope of the legal provisions. The Orakelsee reserves the right to edit contributions in the context of the legal regulations or these guidelines, in particular of sustainable rules of publicity. or in violation of any legal provisions or these directives without comment. The Orakelsee accepts no responsibility for the content of the links offered neither by the customer nor by the customer, the functionality, the respective content, and in particular not their safety.

5.4 , Partner pages, link list and top list
As far as the scope of services also includes the provision of the partner page link list, the Orakelsee accepts no responsibility for the content of the provider's self-presentation. The Orakelsee distances itself expressly from the offered sides of third. If sporadic reviews of the backlinks indicate a lack of such, the links are also removed without notifying the Oracle Lake.

The Oracle Lake also maintains a list of link lists and is registered with many search engines. All offers offered here have nothing to do with the Orakelsee and the Orakelsee does not assume any responsibility for such providers.

An entry in the top list of the Orakelsee is first checked for its acceptability, thus The above provisions can as far as possible be avoided. There is no right to direct linking.

5.5. Services
The services to be provided are carried out with the best conscience by the employees of the Orakelsee. These may include shamanic journeys, divinatory practices, as well as the products offered in the shop. Granting of a job is to be considered a discretion, to travel to the client's mind and to obtain there the information recognizable to the employees of the oracle lake. There is no right, nor is it possible, to cancel the attested presence. The employees act themselves or by directing their spirits. The responsibility for these actions lies with the client.
The consultations convey the knowledge and the working methods of the employees of the Orakelsees. This forms the basis for advice, nothing else. There is no right to completeness in the sense of generally published procedures in the divinatory sense. What the employees do is conveyed.
Any psychic or other trauma caused by the services of the Orakelsee can not be regressed. The Orakelsee rejects any legal responsibility. The customer must know for himself what he wants to do with the services.

5.8. Spam
Advertising mass and circular e-mails are not permitted at the address of the Orakelsee or in the vicinity of the Orakelsee. Customers are not allowed to advertise in the public and inland areas of the Orakel Lake.

5.9. Divination and Life Coaching
The Oracle Lake can be used freely and without membership. There is neither a right to answer the questions asked, nor a temporal duration of the answer. All answers are not regressable, the responsibility for the consequences of the oracle test lies solely with the questioner. The oracle lake assumes no liability for the oracle's test. Spam and inaccurately formulated questions are not answered. Technical fees may also be accepted. The regulations of the question about the Orakelsee are valid. In particular, we refer to duplicate questions that can not be answered and that the amount paid will be withheld as a donation.

6. Damages

Claims for damages for any legal reason, be it for non-performance, breach of contractual or statutory secondary obligations, culpability on conclusion of contract, contracts with protective effect for third parties and tort are against the Orakelsee, their legal representatives, as well as against fulfillment or vicarious agents are excluded.

7. Copyright and Copyrights

7.1. Within the Orakelsee, only images and texts and other media may be published and shown to which the customer also possesses the corresponding copyright. At each medium published in the Orakelsee, the customer must have the copyrights or publication rights. A breach entitles the Orakelsee to the immediate termination of the contract and the leasing of the data. The Orakelsee reserves the right to dispose of articles and images of any kind that violate copyright, other rights or the rules, without prior notice.

7.2. Should the Orakelsee become aware of any other breach of rights or use, it has the right to block the objectionable content or the customer up to a clause.

7.3. S & aumlAll texts, images, videos and sound material of the Orakelsee are property of the Orakelsee and may not be copied. They serve the clarification of the life help. Violators will be prosecuted.

8. Advertising

8.1. Advertising for Internet sites is strictly prohibited on the whole Orakelsee! However, this applies in a signature, in posts, in the e-mail form or in other messages. Advertisement of own internet pages is only allowed via the link pages and the provided places. Always only with the consent of the Orakelsees. The linking of external internet addresses in articles is not allowed.

8.2. Individual prices of seminars, treatments etc. are forbidden to the contributions, in the possible Chat as well as in the forums to the Orakelsee.

8.3. Prohibited are customer registrations whose purpose is to advertise other websites.

8.4. It is strictly forbidden to advertise erotic offers or illegal, racist or similar content.

9. European Law

9.1. For the use of the offer of the Orakelsees the respective customer is responsible. It is expressly forbidden to publish racist and human rights infringing content, erotica and / or violations of applicable German, Austrian or Swiss law, good morals and / or public morality. In case of misuse of the facilities of the Orakelsee, the customer and the information provided to him will be deleted. All refunds are waived.

9.2. The Orakelsee is not obliged to check the customer contributions and entries for any legal disputes. Should the Orakelsee become aware of such infringements, the Orakelsee shall be entitled to block access without notice or to terminate it without notice. Refunds are not required.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1. The Orakelsee expressly points out that the personal inventory (such as name, pseudonym, etc.) and usage data (such as the respective IP address or chat logs, cookies, Paypal information, etc.) of the customer in the context of Below you will find information on what data is collected on the RL and how it is used:

Any access to the Oracle Lake will be logged. The storage serves internal system-related and statistical purposes.

10.1.a. Browser version
10.1.b. Operating system used
10.1.c. Referrer URL
10.1.d. Host name of the accessing computer (IP address)
10.1.e. Time of server request
10.1.f. Cookies (for the login information)
10.1.g. Paypal name and all information provided by Paypal for the transaction

All texts, images and other media posted in the Orakelsee remain in the Oracle Lake and, depending on the service - & ouml; publicly presented (Oracle questions). The use of the data outside of the Orakelsee or the offer of the shaman studio is not provided.

10.2. Personal data are collected in the Orakelsee. In no case will the data collected be sold or passed on to third parties outside the Orakelsee. If technical faults permit, this circumstance must be reported to the administration of the Orakelsee. This will try to fix these problems.

10.3. For the active use of the Orakelsee every customer needs an online payment facility. The resulting information is stored in a database.

10.4. Upon written request, the Orakelsee will inform about the data stored by the inquirers. The Orakelsee endeavors to store personal data by taking all technical and organizational measures so that they are not accessible to third parties. When communicating via e-mail and in the forum, the complete data security of the Oracle Lake can not be guaranteed.

10.5. All stored inventory and usage data is retained. When the order was placed, it was announced that all media would be left to the Orakelsee to handle the request. This includes personal help requests as well as personal texts in any area of ​​the Orakelsee. The public data remains visible.

10.6. All entered contributions and forum contributions, etc., can not be deleted.

10.7. The resulting data in the course of the use of the Orakelsees for internal use in a self stored database. The Orakelsee guarantees that all personal data will not be used for malicious purposes or even for external advertising purposes, as long as the technical precautions can prevent this. Unless there is an authorization. The observance of the existing data protection regulations is insured, as far as technically possible for the Orakelsee.

10.8. In the case of misuse, in particular for illegal purposes, the Orakelsee is authorized but also obliged to forward the required data to the prosecution authorities.

11. Final provisions

11.1. Changes to the usage guidelines are announced in the Orakelsee.

11.2. Other contract amendments, supplements and additional agreements require the text form to be effective.

11.3. The rules are part of these general terms and conditions.

11.4. If any provision of these Terms of Use or the Service Agreement is ineffective or incomplete, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a legally valid provision.

12. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction of the Schamanenstube is Wil - Switzerland.

As of: November 2009
Update as a result of local relocation and redesign Website: November 2015